We are very excited to begin swimming on Monday! Every day students will need to wear their bathers under their sports uniform. Thongs are to be worn to the pool but runners and socks need to be packed so the children can change into them when we are back at school. Please ensure students pack a towel, underwear and a swimming cap.

Parents please be aware we are the first classes to leave. We are leaving at 8:50 so students need to come straight up to the classroom when the 8:40 bell rings.

A note went home last week to the parents who are helping to walk the students there and back. Thank you to those parents who were able to help. Please note no photos are to be taken at swimming.

Parents are not permitted on the pool deck and can watch the lesson from the viewing areas.

Thanks ūüôā

Inquiry Survey

As part of our Inquiry topic this term, we are finding out about things that have changed and things that have stayed the same over time. We have asked the students to contact their grandparents to ask them what their lives were like when they were the students’ age. We have sent them home with a list of questions to prompt a discussion. They are welcome to ask any other questions they would like.

The purpose of this activity is to find out what has changed and what has stayed the same over a few generations. We would also like to find out about special celebrations from different cultures.We have asked students to find out as much information as they can about cultures they are a part of. If you have any information you are able to share about your culture, please send it through with your child.

We have asked that the students have discussed these questions with a grandparent by Thursday 3rd November. We understand with some grandparents living overseas this will be difficult to complete so if you foresee any issues, please feel free to contact one of us or even discuss the questions with the students yourself.

Thanks in advance for your support in this regard,

Miss Appleyard and Miss Hennessy

Hot Headlines from the Grade 1 Holidays

On Monday we completed a ‘bus stop’ activity. This involved us sitting in two lines (one is the bus, the other is the bus stop). We spent three minutes at each bus stop and share our favourite parts of the holidays. The person at the bus stop asks questions and tries to find out more information about what their partner did.

Today we drew and picture and wrote a headline about our holidays. Writing a headline is a ‘thinking routine’ that helps us to reflect on our experiences¬†and remember the most exciting things we have done. Here are some of our headlines, come and check out the rest of them on display outside the grade 1 rooms!

img_27151 img_27241 img_27231 img_27221 img_27211 img_27201 img_27191 img_27181

What would your holiday headline be?

Prep to Year 2 Mini Olympics Day!

During Term 3 we have been learning about the Olympics and today the Prep to Year 2’s celebrated their own mini Olympics Day. ¬†We had lots of different activities to compete in including a shoot the hoop, balloon jump, an egg and spoon race and a ladder and hoop run. Having our own mini Olympics helped us celebrate the Olympics, everything that we’ve learnt and live the Olympic spirit!

During our Olympics unit Amelia shared that she has learnt ‘Athletes try their best and keep going, even when they cant do it they still try their best.’ Lulu shared ‘Athletes always try their best and have a lot of persistence’. Jakob shared he is looking forward to ‘the next Olympics in 4 years in Japan’.¬†Celeste thinks it is important to have a go ‘because if you try different things you might like it’.

It was great to see people from different countries and teams encouraging each other. Today was also crazy hair and sock day today to raise money for the ‘Opening the Doors Foundation’. We had such a great day!



Author Visit!

On Monday we were so lucky to be visited by a real life author and illustrator; Adam Wallace.

Adam writes picture books and stories for children of all ages.

When Adam visited us he showed us the steps to draw a cartoon dog from one of his books.

Here are some pictures of our dogs!



Click here to visit Adam’s website:¬†http://www.adam-wallace-books.com/index3newnew.htm

Procedure Writing

In writing this week we have been learning to write a procedure. We have been spending a lot of time learning about the ‘steps’ section. Steps need to be detailed, easy to follow and written in order. To become more familiar with steps and instructions we made ‘Olympic Biscuits’ today. We had to follow oral instructions in order to make the biscuits. We needed to be very careful to ensure the colours of the rings were in the correct order.


We were so good at following those instructions we were able to invite the preps up. We then gave instructions to the preps on how to make the biscuits. We had such a good morning and we were learning at the same time!

IMG_2370[1] IMG_2369[1] IMG_2368[1] IMG_2367[1] IMG_2366[1]  IMG_2364[1]]   IMG_2356[1]

Challenge for the week…

We have been learning about the special symbols of Australia. Your challenge for the week is to find as many different things that feature our Coat of Arms. The person that comes up with the most examples will win a gold medal! Good luck!